During quarantine, I’ve been recreating famous works of art using whatever’s in my pantry and fridge. Here are a few pieces you might recognize…

*Everything I use goes back in the box or into my dinner. No food is wasted!*

1.Girl With a Pea Earring

Ingredients: Carrots, celery, red pepper, nori, Triscuits, raisins, banana peel, penne, and a single pea.

2.Red Lentil Roy Lichtenstein

Ingredients: Red lentils, black lentils, forbidden rice, banana peels, black bean pasta, strawberries, garlic, and M&M shell.

3.A Scream to Edvard Munch On

Ingredients: Triscuits, carrots, spinach, kale, nori, bread, Japanese sweet potato, mushroom, apple, and raisins.

4. Mona Lisa, the Most Famous Dough Vinci

Ingredients: Nuco coconut wraps, apples, vegan jerky, rice paper wrappers, nori, Triscuits, sweet potato peels, bread, apple, mushrooms, and raisins

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