There’s a reason Apple sold more watches than the entire  Swiss Watch industry in 2019 . Well, actually, there’s more than one. The Apple Watch has become the new  Razr. Yes, the new 2020 Razr may be questionable but the Razr of the early ’00s was a must-have, and, now, so is the  Apple Watch . 

Their sleek and stylish design is just the start of it.  The Series 5  models feature some useful updates to their predecessors. To start, Series 5 watches have an always-on retina display on their screen that is 30% larger. They also have electrical and optical heart sensors and a built-in compass. And yes, they are swim-proof.



With GPS and cellular connectivity, Apple provides an active smart watch with all the bells and whistles you can imagine. Right now, you can grab one for $50 off at Best Buy. Plus, you’ll get 4 months of Apple music for absolutely free with your purchase. 

Go for the  classic black sport band  for $449 or step it up a notch with a  Nike design  for $349. The options seem endless. Check them all out  here . 

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